Nov 18, 2008

Idea for winter paddling...the Boat Sauna

For those who paddle in the winter..a Saunaboat...just motor the sauna to all your paddle locations... for more info click here

Nov 3, 2008

A Few Pictures from the Norwalk Islands

Sorry, haven't had time for a trip writeup, but here are a few of my pictures from Sunday's Norwalk Islands trip!

Launching from the Small Boat Shop's dock at Rex Marina on a stunning day.

Landing on Sheffield Island (idea of location for shot shamelessly stolen from Walter - he IS the Brain after all - or wait, is that Tony?)

Sheffield Island Island Lighthouse with a bunch of kayakers (there were a dozen of us, nice sized trip & as usual, a thoroughly nice bunch to paddle with).
Closeup of the bunch of kayakers. Please note garb! Yes, drat, it's starting to feel like winter paddling. Seemed like a number of us had packed either cool and cold-weather gear, or an outfit that could layer up as needed, and then most of us went for the colder end of the spectrum. Good move, the extra layers were a little warm as we first set out with the breeze at our backs, but as we rounded the tip of Sheffield Island, we found that the breeze had swung around to be in our faces, which (combined with a little splash from the 2-foot swell) had a highly cooling effect!
Sheffield Island Lighthouse
Launching from the Sheffield Island Lighthouse. Didn't take many more after this, as I mentioned, once we got past this point, the water got a little more "textured" (great description by one of our 3 guests) & I felt like I needed to pay a little more attention to what was going on - I was signed up to be one of the trip leaders, not "trip photographer"! Back in Norwalk Harbor. Swan Series!

Finished off the trip with a couple of pints, some good pub food (best beef & guiness pie I've had all year...ok, also the only such pie I've had all year, but it was great!) and the beginning of the game where the Giants creamed Dallas at a nearby pub. The swimming deer did not put in an appearance* but I think that a good time was had by all!

* TQ was one of the other guests & he vouched personally for their existence. he was teaching a rolling class on the Peach Island one time when a doe and her fawn swam past - the whole class stopped to ooh & aah, the deer did keep an eye on them as they went by at a steady 3 knots or so, but didn't seem too phased. Very cool, love to see that sometime!