Oct 13, 2009

Columbus Day Paddle

Why Should Columbus get all the credit?

In 1492
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
517 years to the day
Sebago kayaked Jamaica Bay

Eighteen paddlers, 6.9 miles, 3 ½ hours. Read all about the Columbus Day Paddle at summit to shore. A link to photos from the trip is at the end of the post.

Oct 7, 2009

Early Morning Early October Paddle

Tony, Michael, John W. and John H. enjoyed an early morning paddle Tuesday, Octoober 6, 2009, under almost perfect conditions. Water in Jamaica Bay was around 62. Air temperature at put in was near 60 but warmed to the high 60's by trip's end. There was little wind and the water seemed unusually clear. Paddling east into Spring Creek and Hendricks Creek, they paddled 11.8 miles, averaging 3 mph over the trip. A fuller trip report, with a link to more photos, is available at Summit to Shore.