Aug 31, 2009

Last Year's Visit from South Shore High School

These are photos from last year when South Shore High School visited us to test the water, plant some trees and do a general clean up...They are coming again soon...stay tuned..

Aug 26, 2009

Brand New Sunfish Racing Sail!

Hey Sunfish Sailors! Wanna kick your sailing up a notch?


One of the old Sunfish sails just went to the big sail locker in the sky - and look what our sailing committee co-chairs got as a replacement. That is an official racing sail for a Sunfish. Adjusts to make the most of the wind!

Talk to Holly if you want to learn to use it!

Click here to see a photo of sails like this in use.

Aug 23, 2009

Big Surf or Big Hype?

Best wave of the day, Sunday, August 23 Rockaway Beach

On Sundays visit to Beach 90th street, the waves were less than the crowds or the media. They were good overhead, 4-6 feet but none were the promised 12 feet. Depends if you measure it Hawaiian style, which would barely make it 2-4 feet (they measure it from the looking from off shore as a surfer sees it). What made it such a hype was the fact that it (Bill) came before labor day weekend and on a Sunday. Normally hurricane surf comes after labor day and on a weekday, so it hardly makes the news. Wait till September for bigger surf.

Aug 7, 2009

Sebago CC wins at Canoe races...

This Thursday, the Annual Canoe Races were held at Sebago Beach.
The ACA team, composed of members of Sebago Canoe Club and more,
won 1st place in the Boys division, and 2nd Place in the Girls Division.
Here is a slide show from the race.

08/02/09 Jamaica Bay Circumnavigation

Bonnie (pictured right) and I enjoyed an excellent long distance paddle last Sunday, August 2, 2009 after both of us had crappy weeks and after the storm passed over Jamaica Bay. It was my second longest paddle ever, longest this season, and the best trip Bonnie ever cancelled. We have both written about our five and a half hour circumnavigation of Jamaica Bay on our respective blogs. Photos accompany both posts. Read out posts and see our photos by clicking on the hot links above.

Aug 3, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Minh missing from Lake Sebago this past weekend!

Anh Minh Nguyen was missing from the lake this weekend. Rumors have it that he was in Brooklyn leading trips and taking care of other responsibilities as fleet captain.

In spite of this, things went OK.

Trip leaders were trained, a few even passed the assessment.
We worked on other paddle skills including Anja and Ben both learning to roll and in fact doing multiple rolls in the rain.

This all in spite of Minh's absence.

We were even able to do our own cooking and it didn't turn out as bad as you'd expect.

So for those of you that have a fear of coming to the lake without Minh present, don't worry, surprisingly things still work out.