Oct 7, 2007

The jetskis' end is near.

Yesterday, we were on Brighton beach reading a good book. They came driving through swimmers. Without lifeguards, they drove right through beach goers until they let me take these pictures with their number plates. I think I will be going to Brighton beach more often.

I called in 311 and they asked to wait for 911. We let the police know. We were there for two and half hours. I counted about fifteen jetskis getting within the stone throw. You could smell gasoline minutes after they left. There is big open space and they came to the beach showing off and taking pictures.

Number plates read; NY5127 ME, NY7680 FR, NY1700 ME.

We have been having an ongoing discussion over several months about jetskis back in the Jamaica Bay. It seems we lost it as the laws changed.

However it seems jetskiers are not so bright but timid. As lifeguards retreated after the labor day, they are coming out in droves ever so close to the beach and creating hazards.

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KayakJake said...

There seems to be little else to be done while riding these mad machines.No fishing,no sightseeing.These riders seem to have little interest in anything other than following boats to jump their wake or disturbing the serenity of surf fishers on the brezzy point to jump the waves.
They arrive in packs like biker gangers reving their screaming engines to the annoyance of all.