Nov 15, 2007

Ocean Paddler Magazine

Just wanted to post a quick review of an excellent magazine "Ocean Paddler"

I ride the subway 1 1/2 hours a workday so reading material comes in handy and paddle magazines are a favorite.

After 4 issues, "Ocean Paddler" magazine has turned out to be my favorite.

The thing that makes this magazine so great is the focus on real sea kayaking. Most sea kayak magazines focus on flat water, lakes, bays, ...

"Ocean Paddler" focuses on sea kayaking. Even the ads are different, they are aimed at sea kayakers. No adds for recreation kayaks and gear.

The paper is super quality and there's lots of excellent photography.

The articles focus on expeditions, day trips, gear and book reviews and advanced, rough water, skill, rescue and safety techniques.

Contributers include Justine and other well known celebs. One contributer, Douglas Wilcox, was always a good internet read, but never in magazines until now.

The one bad thing about this mag is that it is printed in the UK, so shipping and exchange makes it expensive, but I'll be renewing my subscription if I have enough money when the time comes.

The web site:


kayakcobber said...

You are talking about the costly OP.
Well you have a kayak and a paddle...why not go and collect it from the UK.
I will bet you can have a free copie when you pass by in the Kayak.

Yes, I agree with you that the magazine is nice. I think a lot of peopla are waitmg for Santa Claus, and hope to find a OP under the tree.


Ocean Paddler - the sea kayaking magazine said...

Hi there, just a quick note from the Ocean Paddler team to say that we can now ship to the US and indeed the rest of the world for just £2 per issue.

A 6 issue (12 month) sub is just £25+£12 p+p
A 12 issue (24 month) sub is just £35+£24 p+p

All the best

Ocean Paddler - the sea kayaking magazine