Jul 9, 2008

Loggerhead Turtle Sighted

Yesterday I sighted a Loggerhead turtle off the Horse Beach just before the Mill Basin.

It was bright yellow and dark pink dots and was 2 1/2 feet wide. It popped its head through waves to breathe. It made an eye contact with me.

Against the turbid Bay water, its fleshy colors were quite contrasty. This would another reason not to have Jet Skis.

For more information, check out this wiki link


bonnie said...

Aw, big deal, I just saw a loggerhead last Friday. And mine was twice as big as yours.


I did see a loggerhead. I also saw a white alligator, some incredibly well behaved seals, river otters, lungfish, archerfish,

chiclids and bullfrogs and rays, oh my...

I was of course at the Norwalk Aquarium.

This is too cool, you are a lucky lucky guy!

I've seen sea turtles in Hawaii and in the Caribbean. It would be so amazingly special to see one out in the wilds of Brooklyn!

Chalu Kim said...

You could see it too. There are only cases of loggerhead turtle beached or stranded. It is not native to the bay from what I read. Confused turtle following little jellyfish. They eat yummy jelly.