Sep 22, 2008

Clothing Optional

Some of our newer members have started wondering about what to wear as the weather and water are getting cooler. So far we haven't been in wetsuits, that that is coming soon, especially if the nights are as cool as they have been. One of the reasons it's confusing is there are is so much stuff out there, and many options. When looking at wetsuits, be sure you don't get the surfer model with sleeves. Too restrictive for paddling. Check out these sites below, for good deals and information about what you need.

And Stevie says: I especially want to encourage people to at least get a farmer Jane/John 3mm wetsuit and 3mm or thicker boots. These will add a few months to their paddling season, they are cheap at Campmor and should last a very long time. These should be the minimum for October and May paddling and they make Sept and June paddling more comfortable. Hypothermia is still a possibility in Sept and June as the water temp is borderline and if the air temp is cool, the combination of being wet with wind can really chill. I have seen it many times. I don't recommend wetsuits with sleeves as the sleeves add weight to the paddlers arms and can cause a rash in the armpit shoulder area. This is the website for NRS, and especially check whether they have any good sales on apparel for colder paddling. But first check out the "expert center" advice from Atlantic Kayak Tours. The two important links here are "Cold Water Safety" and "How to Dress." Another good source for reasonably priced cold weather gear is Campmor. There is one in NJ on Rte. 17 that often has really good prices on sale items.

I think some of the members also use Sierra Trading (or Traders, something like that). I haven't so I can't say whether it's a good choice.


Shari said...

"Clothing optional," huh? I heard that about you.

Mary said...

Well you would be able to see for yourself if you would get OUT TO THE WATER sometime girl! :-)

Gary said...
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Gary said...

Thanks Mary for the reminder. Anne and I plan to buy dry suits next week.