Mar 8, 2009

Seal sighting around the Ruffle Bar

Steve MacDaddy and I paddled out yesterday. Steve puts hiphop hat and wanted to practice his rolls and balanced brace in the frigid water. The air was warm but the water was not and had sting to it. It is the first day I am not using mittens.

Steven mentioned seals around the Ruffle Bar and we went for a paddle. We rounded the bar and in the shallow, Steven stopped and pointed out bobbing driftwood. Seal! There were two.

Here are video of Steve's roll.


John Edward Harris said...

It has been a great winter for seals. I am now ready for sun bathers, however. Bring on the warm, sunny days and cool clear nights and paddling under a full moon.

bonnie said...

Threefold choral Amen.

Chalu Kim said...

It sounds like a choir practice. But I am going to miss freezing.