May 29, 2009

Sebago Canoe Club's Opening Day, Saturday, May 30th - come on out for a fun day!

Bored in Brooklyn? No plans for Saturday?

Don't be bored, come boating! Come on out to Canarsie tomorrow for the Sebago Canoe Club's Open House. Canoeing, kayaking, dinghy rides, burgers & lots and lots of fun.

Don't believe me about the fun? Well, here, maybe last year's winner of the Cutest Attendee Award* can convince you:

There you go! Can you argue with that? And it's even more fun when the boat's in the water.

Full details on the Sebago Canoe Club website.

*ok, so there was no actual contest for the cutest attendee. But if there had been, she totally woulda walked away with it, right?

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