Nov 17, 2009

Harper's Magazine December issue - of special interest to fans of the Hudson River

cover courtesy of Harper's

The December '09 issue of Harper's Magazine should be on newsstands any day now, if it isn't already there*. I plan to buy a copy. The editor is one of our clubmates at Sebago. The last time we paddled, he'd mentioned that the December issue included a well-researched and very sobering look at the status of the Hudson River PCB's.

Subscribers can read it online now. For the rest of us, especially those of us who take a very personal interest in the well-being of the Hudson River, it sounds to be worth the cover price.

*update since original posting - the word is, "The official onsale date isn't until next week might be in the newsstand on Bleeker and Broadway".


Chalu Kim said...

It has been going on so long. I can't remember when it was not sobering. I remember reading NY Times article back in 1986 and about.

Andy Novick said...
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bonnie said...

Read it last night. I had no idea. Terrible stuff.