Feb 1, 2010

Why our high-water expectations were so high...

One last quick note here about the proxigean tides. Both John & I mentioned that expectations were for a pretty dramatic high water.

Well, here's why!

This was the high-water mark left by the last major proxigean tide, back in December '08. I don't think anybody was at the club to see it, but we were plenty impressed by the evidence it left behind. I'm still amazed that the cherry tree by the ramp actually lived to tell the tale.

There was a pretty steady northwest wind this year, that probably served to mitigate the high & exacerbate the low.

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Mary said...

I was at the Wharf restaurant the next day, and from the icing along the shore and on the deck, it appeared the tide was up just above the edge of the bank (which as some know, is very high).