May 23, 2010

Sebago's 2nd Annual Laser District 8 Regatta - Photos Up

From Sebaga Laser Regatta 5 22 2010

I had a great day being on the race committee for Sebago's 2nd annual District 8 Laser Regatta yesterday. I took tons of pictures, of course! Good weather, a nice breeze that picked up over the course of the afternoon, and wow, 10 boats & only 3 were from Sebago (and 2 were from the Saratoga Yacht Club, that's a long trip)! Good racing, good company a nice day on the water & a delicious post-race spread of roast chicken, chili, a few other sides & brownies & ice cream for dessert.

Couldn't ask for a much nicer way to spend a Saturday!

And no, no bouncy castles - which reminds me, here's the story behind that particular bit of silliness, found via a link posted by my favorite Laserblogger, Tillerman.

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