Sep 20, 2010

Changing of the Guard

Newly elected Commodore Tony
Pignatello (right) recognizing retiring
Commodore John Wright (left)

Though I have attended a few Quarterly Meetings of the Sebago Canoe Club, the most recent Annual Meeting was my first. Because it was the annual meeting, the agenda included elections.

After the Nominating Committee reported, nominations, including self-nominations, were accepted from the floor, or in this case, because the meeting was held outside, from the grass. All those nominated stood, in turn, in front of the assembled membership to say a few words about their qualifications and vision for the club.

After their speeches, nominees retired to the clubhouse. With nominees out of earshot, various members offered speeches in support of one nominee or another. Ballots were then distributed and cast. With a tie for the fifth slot on the Board, there was an additional tie-breaking vote.

With New York’s primary election having occurred just five days previous, perhaps the small print New York Ballots were still on the minds of the Nominating Committee when they decided to print the names of all nominees on newsprint large enough for all to see from a distance. With regard to tiebreakers and transparency, I think both Florida and Afghanistan could have learned something from the process.

Although they will not take office until October 1, here are the election results.

Commodore: Tony Pignatello
Vice Commodore: Andrew Sherman
Treasurer: Zachary Abrams
Secretary: Rochelle Rubin

Board members (four for two years, one for one year):
Walter Lewandowski
Pete Peterson
John Wright
Joe Glickman
David Zweighaft

Already serving on the Board and moving into the second year of their two year terms are:
Mary Eyster
Jim Luton
Jerry Dunne

Newly elected Commodore Tony Pignatello duly honored retiring Commodore John Wright, presenting him with a plaque recognizing his leadership over the past several years.

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Iceland Circumnavigation said...

Thank you, John Wright, for all your help, work and friendship over the past years. Most outstanding job as a commodore! Hugs, Marcus