Feb 2, 2014

Iced in at Sebago, 2/1/2014

I'm finally recovering from a cold I've had for a while and with the forecast this weekend calling for temps in the spendidly high 30's (woohoo) I found myself itching for a paddle. 

Fortunately Steve the Paddling Chef called for a hike instead. I'm awfully glad I decided to join in on that instead of paddling - turns out there would have been a major logistical issue with paddling! Here are a few photos from the club yesterday, taken before and after our short hike at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. 

No more writing - click on the first picture to go to the better slideshow view.

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Sarah's Soggy Scenarios said...

Ooh! Looks a bit chilly!

bonnie said...

Well it was actually lovely over the weekend, but that was after a run of days with temperatures in the teens. Steve had actually originally wanted to go walk around on the ice in the marshes, as a friend of ours had in the middle of the cold snap, but the ice wasn't looking very reliable after a full day of higher temperatures. Nice hike though, fun seeing this area we've all paddled so much looking so different!