Feb 13, 2008

Horse Gate

This is also the Paedergat, on a day far more congenial to paddling!

I had cross-posted the stormy day photos on Frogma, and a gentleman from the Netherlands left a comment asking if the name was a legacy of the early Dutch settlers.

A question like that was far to much fun to just answer in the comments - the answer became a post in it's own right

I was going to tailor to the Sebago blog but the work day turned into yet another marathon & I'm just too tired - but I thought Sebagoites and anyone else who's even slightly interested in NY names would enjoy reading both the post AND a most interesting section in a book I found while using Google to verify that I was recalling the story a fellow Sebagoite had told me (Paerdegat = "Horse Gate") correctly. Really, that's made me kick up the response from a comment to a full-fledged post. Fascinating stuff!

So here's the link. Hope you enjoy.

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