Feb 1, 2008

Dedicating Greenland paddle to gods of the Alps

I am going to dedicate my first Greenland paddle I carved to Mount Mont Blanc.

I ski "telemark" another ancient method of traveling over snow and ice. We use "alpenstock", a long pole, not to fall into crevasse and a good walking stick.

I wanted to make one or find one for a long time. I realize poorly made Greenland paddle will make a superb alpenstock. To spice things up on my coming trip to Chamonix, I will also take Tulliq and ski those slopes off Mont Blanc.

On a final day around the 28th of February, weather permitting, I will dedicate a Greenland paddle to the mountain god of the Alps.

I can't wait to ski with Greenland paddle in Tuiliq and see what locals make out...

I will be making long surfing turns with Greenland paddle.

In case you wonder, here is old Nordic movie.

Back to the source,

Well, I found this and it looks like the locals beat me to it; :-)


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