Mar 16, 2008

Inaugural Rolling Session in Queens!

Just a few pix from today's inaugural rolling session at the brand-new (just opened on February 29th) Flushing Meadows Corona Park Aquatic Center in Queens!

I don't remember the last time we loaded up THIS many boats!

Our convoy of 4 loaded cars made it safely to Queens -

Here we are. Just look at the place. Incredible.

Many boats need many paddles. Me, I brought 3 (used one, but hey, they always say to have a spare, right?)

The place is truly enormous. And I didn't even turn around and take a picture of the full-sized ice rink that's visible through the windows behind me. I used to live near the Asphalt Green swimming pool, and I thought that was pretty cool - but I think this one beats that. Well, it should - I was told by one of the regular swimmers there that the place was actually built as part of NY's bid for the 2012 Olympics. Well, we didn't get that - but we sure got a nice pool out of it. And it was in intense use today, families, kids of all ages, lap swimmers - it was sort of a raw & windy day outside, and people were taking full advantage of the place.

Here's some of the bigger kids. The amazing thing was that we only took up about a sixth of the entire space available, not counting the diving area, which had been made available to us I think it was just for today - more fun being with the crowd, though.

This was sort of a test run (almost said "dry run") to see how things would go - mostly, it sounds like everybody was happy with it, so the Sebago pool rolling season seems likely to have gained an extension!

Great fun - thanks to all the people who worked to make this happen.

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