Mar 10, 2008


Minh! MINH!

moar funny pictures

Actually...guess what. I'm KIDDING.

OK, so some of those who paddle sleek, shiny, nimble rocket-like craft (and OK, and even some of us who paddle nimble, banged-up craft which might, when first glimpsed from the corner of the eye, be mistaken for a half-peeled banana) may look down our highly-trained, expensively-certified schnozzes at an object like this, but our friend Marcus made a very astute observation as we were discussing the widening circles of people who are choosing something like this as the perfect fishing platform -

A fisherman on a big, inelegant-looking (to the eyes of some) S.O.T. is a fisherman who's NOT in a noise-creating, gas-guzzling, smoke-belching stinkpot - and that's better for everybody, don't you agree?

More photos from the Long Island Paddlesports Safety Symposium on the way one of these days. Thoroughly enjoyable day, thanks Elizabeth for another good one!

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p.s. I know I just did a lol-canoe at Frogma - I promise this is not going to become a regular feature!

p.p.s. honest, I mean it!

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