Jun 4, 2008

Found some classic Sebago boat photos


kayakbrooklyn said...

Kool. It would be fun to have a blown-up poster of the add with the girl standing on the bow of the motor boat to hang up at the clubhouse or cabin:-)

dheid said...

To anyone interested. I purchased a Fishermans Special from the front yard of a farm near Lake St George. The date was around 1976. It was in fair condition although an attempt to fiberglas the canvas. I used it for a few years, but had to 'put it up' when I no longer could bail it fast enough to fish more than 15 minutes. I removed all of the canvas and 'stored' it.
In 1980, I moved to the Seattle, WA area. Of course my old fishing friend went with me and it has been in my garage until last week, when I decided to completely restore it. Today is Feb. 7, 2009.
I have made before pictures and plan additional pictures during its restoration.
I would appreciate copies of any photos to help me in my project.
In the past I was not sure of the make. I was misled thinking that it was an Ole Town design. While living in Maine, I took the boat to Old Town, and with the help of a couple of 'workers and staff' we browsed all of their old catalogs and could not identify the boat. A few years ago I purchased a 'CD' that had copies of old catalogs from many old wood canvas boat companies. Eureka, I found my 'friend', made by the Sebago company.

Scott said...

DHEID, I live in Brunswick Maine and just finished a complete restoration of a mid 50s 14.5 foot fiserhman's with small covered bow, three seats. It is green with a varnished bow. We catalogued the entire restoration in photos which I would love to send you. I would also love to get a copy of your cd with the brochures for I am desperately trying to get more info on Sebago Boats.

Old Curmudgeon said...

Found a SEBAGO boat:


dheid said...

Thanks for the lead to finding an old sebago Fisherman for sale. I have called to see if I can get a better photo that would help me in my restoration.7

mike nolan said...

I just visited the adirondack museum and found out that the boat that Ive owned for 30 years is a sebago. There is a posting from dheid about a year ago saying he has information and photos on his restoration. Would like to hear from dheid if possible

bonnie said...

Hi, Mike - I hope maybe dheid picked the "email followup comments" option. I just went to see if he had a blog on which I might be able to leave a comment about your comment - no luck! Sorry!

If he did click the "email" option, though, he should get both of our notes.

David Heid said...

Sorry for the long absence from this blog.

Changed computers and not all of my files,etc got transferred. Thankfully I had marked this blog to advance me any new postings???

Thanks Bonnie.

My Sebago fisherman friend is now ready for canvas, can you believe it. I will have pictures to post or whatever soon.

If Scott (4/29/2009 post) is still interested, I would like to hear from him.

Mike Nolan, do you have any pictures from the museum?

bonnie said...

Love to see pix when it's done, and there are a few canoe aficionadoes at Sebago who would too! Add another comment whenever you've got 'em up on Flickr or whatever you use & I'll put it up here on the Sebago blog.

Mike said...


I've posted pictures of the Sebago fishing boat restoration at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2917&id=100001831957084&l=3394f3d712


wcwilusz said...

I have a 74 Sebago in original condition I am looking to value for possible sale or auction, I have lots of pictures if anyone is interestyed or has any advice for me on finding more information. Love the boat, hate to see it go! Feel free to contact me at wcwilusz@worldpath.net