Apr 13, 2009

Marcus Demuth peddles to Sebago

I have posted two other photos and some personal reflections on Marcus Demuth's recent talk and slide show on my own blog, Summit to Shore.


bonnie said...

That was a good evening, wasn't it?

John Edward Harris said...

Yes, it was a good evening.

Iceland Circumnavigation said...

Thank you so much for hosting the Falklands presentation, it was so good to be back and to meet you all (again) ...

I looked so much forward to this presentation at Sebago, partially because of the beautiful vibe in the clubhouse with the wood burning oven, beer and food, but mostly because of the wonderful people and friends at Sebago ...

It was also great to see Bonnie, who took me under her Greenlandic wings when I started paddling 5 years ago ...

Thanks to everyone for coming ... and thanks for the beer and food!!


NYC Water Trail said...
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bonnie said...

Awwwwwww! Thanks, Marcus. Great seeing you too.

I'm still just amazed at the stuff you have done in 5 years.

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