Apr 19, 2009

Trip Report: Empire Kayaks, April 17, 2009

Last Friday, April 17, 2009, Walter (Pictured top right), Walter (Pictured bottom right) and I (What? No picture?) put in at Empire Kayaks, located on the waterfront at in Island Park, NY along Nassau County’s South Shore, just west of Jones Beach.

We put in around noon. Four hours and 7.8 miles later we took out after an enjoyable paddle though open bay and marshland. Once gain I paddled the Necky Chatam 16 club boat that I had paddled before and that is currently my favorite boat. Walter and Tony paddled boats they own.

With a water temperature around 50 and air temperature around 56, all three of us wore dry suits with minimal insulation underneath. The water and wind were generally calm but the wind picked up a little near the end of our trip. Waterfowl were numerous, but not being a birder, I cannot really report what we saw.

Presbyterians call the church owned hosing clergy live in a “Manse” but I felt right at home, and not at all out of my element, when we were paddling through a channel bisecting “Parsonage Island.” Can I claim I was working at home when I was actually paddling?

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bonnie said...

Hmmm, any thoughts about how Parsonage Island really ought to be inhabited by a parson?