Aug 7, 2009

08/02/09 Jamaica Bay Circumnavigation

Bonnie (pictured right) and I enjoyed an excellent long distance paddle last Sunday, August 2, 2009 after both of us had crappy weeks and after the storm passed over Jamaica Bay. It was my second longest paddle ever, longest this season, and the best trip Bonnie ever cancelled. We have both written about our five and a half hour circumnavigation of Jamaica Bay on our respective blogs. Photos accompany both posts. Read out posts and see our photos by clicking on the hot links above.

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michelinekagan said...

I'm a member of the LI Paddlers and we had a joint paddle last year with your club.
I wanted to paddle on Jamiaca Bay from the Wildlife REfuge but was told there was a $50 permit fee to launch from the North Channel Bridge area. Is that the only way to do it? I don't really want to make such a big commitment to just explore the area.
Hope you can offer a suggestion