May 27, 2007

William Converse Kendall of Freeport, Maine holds a 16 pound native Sebago Salmon (Salmo salar sebago) captured at Sebago Lake in August 1, 1907. That the same day the world rod and reel record for lake-dwelling (landlocked salmon) was set at Sebago with a 22 pound 8 ounce salmon. Sebago Salmon of this size have not been recorded in the lake for over 75 years; few if any Sebago Salmon over 10 pounds have been recorded at the lake in the past 50 years.

In the 1700s, European settlers in Maine noticed that in addition to the sea-run Atlantic salmon which ascended more than 20 Maine rivers each spring, a small number of these salmon rivers contained Atlantic salmon which appeared to stay in upriver lakes all year-round. These lake-dwelling Atlantic salmon were called by many names: silver trout, Schoodic salmon, Sebago salmon, silver salmon, etc.

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