May 27, 2007

Officer of the Day

Officer of the day, that's me! Well, it was Marty in the morning, but it was me in the afternoon. I set up my office on the set of benches near the front gate--the "membership office" sign was there waiting for me, and I propped my feet on a stump, set up my brochures and my club phone, and there I was, doing my work. Really, I mostly watched a sparrow take a dip in the blue birdbath, and I listened in on a domestic disturbance in the parrot nest--very heated discussion. I think a saw another bird later in the day try to slip into the parrots' front door, but he was shortly shown the way out.

Customers? Just one. A lovely lady from Prospect Heights, who had seen us on the internet. I gave her the grand tour, with Pete's help. She hopes to come back on Wednesday night for an open paddle. A few club regulars visited, but mostly, I marked final exams that were overdue to be graded. I anticipated a hot day, but the ocean breeze was blowing, as delightful a day as can be.

Five o' clock, lock the gates, head off to a BBQ and now home. But I have some concerns: so far I have not had any comments on my blog postings--is anyone reading me? And does everyone know about You got to love the parrots--a true NYC immigrant story. I am writing a children's book about my free time....

Remembering our armed forces this Memorial Day.......Shari


beth said...


I checked out the blog for the first time and I very happy as officer coordinator that you made ODing sound like such a pleasant day on the water!

Maybe others will be encouraged to volunteer!

Stevie said...

Keep the blogging going.
When I get to paddle on the bay again, I'll post.
Actually maybe I'll post some lake activities next chance. The lake is so great this time of year.