May 20, 2007

Open House

We had our annual open house on Saturday, May 19. The weather was grey only part of the time; the rest of the time was gloomy. Despite the drizzle, we had a good turn-out, and quite a few new members were enrolled! Allan from EMS had a table of kayak swag, and was generously giving out water bottles and coupons all day (I think I linked you to the B'way and Houston Street store just first blog link). At 3 pm, he held a drawing for all the goodies, and I got the most coveted item--the blue hat. Now, I am not really a hat person, but the blue hat may just be the thing to get me past that! I have a list going of all the women who want to borrow it--I better put my name in that hat, and fast.

Fran and her sous-chef (I don't know his name, sorry) were working double-time on the grill, cranking out delicious hot dogs, burgers and chicken. There was plenty to eat and drink all day. The stove was kept stoked and was a place to meet and greet throughout the afternoon.

All told, we had parks people, politicians, families with little kids, sailors, kayakers, and assorted happy visitors. It was good to visit with old friends and make some new connections. In true Sebago fashion, those without cars were ferried off to wherever they needed to end up at the end of the day.

And the water? Well, I did not go near it myself, but it looked like many people got some good time out on the water early in the day, before the weather really got raw. Thankfully, we always manage to have fun, by sea or by land.

For those who did not make it to the open house but still would like to see what Sebago is all about, we have open paddles on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings starting after Memorial Day...or just wander down any weekend to see what's going on. Check out the website for more info on open paddles.
I look forward to seeing all our visitors back at Sebago soon!

------------Shari with the blue hat

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