Jul 30, 2007

Last Weekends Skills Session at Lake Sebago

This last weekends kayak skills weekend was a success.
Many paddlers learned new skills and improved or polished existing skills.

The highlights were:

1) Chalu learning to roll on both sides with a Greenland and feathered Euro paddle.

2) Pete showing that he still has his rolling skills from last fall as he rolled multiple times without fail.

3) Minh proving that he is ready to be assessed for BCU *3 by performing the most difficult skills, including extreme high brace on the move with shoulders in the water on both sides.
He also performed a norsak(rolling stick) roll, storm rolls and many forward finish rolls.

4) Tony defeated his nemesis, the extreme high brace by performing it with his ear in the water.

5 Fran and Prof. Mary showing their skills at side sculling and balance brace. They should be rolling next time they get a chance to play in the water.

6) Beth E. showed complete confidence in a real world capsize, when she was upside down and realized that her spray skirt wouldn't release. She relaxed and fiddled with it until she was able pop it and come up after a long delay with a smile, but out of breath.
I'd say she is ready for hat BCU *2 assessment.

7) Tim's rolling back and forth on one side and then the other. That off-side roll was giving him a hard time in the past.

8) Bob showing off how his practice at the pools paid off by performing very smooth butterfly and various forward finish skills.

9) Jerry took another group out for a longer paddle, many first time paddlers and possible new club members.

10) Many people had fun performing a variety of rescues, swimming with paddles and other wacky tricks.

Others may have more to tell as I didn't see all the hi-jinx going on that weekend. Please comment.

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