Jul 3, 2007

Notes to self, for the next time I stay at the cabin for a class

  1. Don't party too hearty on Friday night. This leads to a slow start on Saturday morning
  2. It is always cooler at the cabin than I think it will be. Bring an extra fleece or two.
  3. Check the screen door for squeaks before bedtime. If it is squeaking, find Philippe and have him fix it. Do this before you (or he) break rule #1 above. Or use Mary's plan: tie up the screen door and use the solid door. This is a weather-based decision.
  4. Kayakers snore. I think they snore more than the general population and I would entertain theories on this, but tip 4 is bring ear plugs.
  5. Check your hatch covers when you are assigned a new boat. On some boats, the plastic outside hatch cover doesn't do much but hold on the neoprene inner cover. You should put that thing on. Otherwise your stern will fill with water when you do Eskimos, and you will be swamping, and Pete will have to carry you to the dock on his bow like you are a baby monkey clinging to the mama's fur (actually a great way to travel) while Jerry tows your soon-to-be submarine back to the dock. That makes a person tired. OK, it makes 3 people tired.
  6. Even though it is really fun to ride on the bow like a monkey girl, put on the damn hatch covers. (just reinforcing tip 5).
  7. Listen to the traffic report before leaving the parking lot. Get a better upstate/Jersey map.
  8. Going to the lake is cooler than doing homework, housework or yardwork. Going to the lake makes me happy. So I should go more. There is always someone interesting to spend time with and I get to kayak too. Why is that so complicated?
  9. Remember to thank everybody one extra time. So thanks, to eveybody!
  10. Bring your blue hat.

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