Jul 27, 2007

Sewage & Sickness Article from British Surfing Club....

Protecting Your Health

Sewage & Sickness

The Problem

Coming into contact with sewage polluted water while surfing, swimming, diving or any other recreational watersport is not a pleasant experience and can leave you feeling pretty sick.

Unless sewage is fully treated using either ultra-violet disinfection or microfiltration, the effluent in a sewage outfall pipe will contain high levels of human-derived bacteria and viruses, with the pathogens entering the water column at the discharge point.

It is scientifically acknowledged that pathogens present in water can cause infection in water users. Micro-organisms can enter through the oral route (ingestion), through the eyes, ears and nose or through an open wound.

In the case of certain pathogens it takes only one viral particle to cause an infection. Infections can even be contracted from the aerosol spray blown from the water's surface as micro-organisms are contained within the minute water droplets that are unsuspectingly inhaled. For the rest of this article, click here

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