Sep 26, 2007

A bit of news from Sag Harbor

Bunch of folks have done a re-enactment of Meigs Raid.

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Chalu said...

This is a comment from Rob, the ring leader of such outrageous fun.

Hi chalu,

I don't know how much more weight they were carrying. Our boats are plywood
and thus very light, 450 pounds. Their boats were probably at least three or
four times that. Plus they were carrying arms and ammunition...on the other
hand, they had a lot of arms to help carry the boats, too. And in those days
portage was shorter, maybe 150 yards.

We slept at a friends house in connecticut who happened to live right next
to sachem's head, meigs' point of departure. Despite several phone calls and
emails we couldn't figure out any sleeping situation in sag harbor. We
crashed for a while right there under the windmill on the edge of the beach,
but the cops took a dim view of that, so in the end one of our guys caught a
ride back to greenport, brought his power boat down, and then towed us back.
We finally got to sleep there at 2:30 am.

Agree it wasn't nearly authentic enough, particularly in the costume dept.
But this was organized on the fly, around the schedules of a bunch of busy
people and on a day that turned out to be pretty dubious weatherwise, so I'm
pleased it came off at all.