Sep 17, 2007

Stop Jet Ski Expansion in Jamaica Bay

I just got the notice (at the bottom) regarding a proposal by the Department of the Interior to expand the areas in Jamaica Bay where jet skis are permitted. This seems to me (and many) like a very bad idea. If you want to speak out against this proposal, try using the information below in the links, which provides ample reasons why the idea is a bad one. The deadline for comment is October 4, and the contact information for comments is at the bottom of the DOI notice.

The links below are good sources of information for opposing the Dept of Interior's proposal to expand the use of Jet Skis within Jamaica Bay. The basic reasons this is a truly awful idea are:
  1. Jet skis are known to be far more dangerous (as designed and operated) than other watercraft
  2. In addition to terrible noise pollution, they produce a much higher level of water and air pollution than other motor boats
  3. The enjoyment of wildlife in the bay will be adversely impacted
  4. As will the wildlife itself (marine, avian, and other)
  5. Jamaica Bay is already struggling for survival
  6. The supposed "restrictions" and buffer zones will likely not be enforced (as there is already very little enforcement. The deadline for responses is Oct. 4.
Mary (re AMA study on high incidence of jet ski accidents) (organization that has already done much of the groundwork/studies to limit jet skis in National Wildlife areas) (Bluewaternetwork Position Paper, which seems thorough and very disturbing -- but useful to quote) (response to Watercraft Position Paper)

From DOI Notice
In F-2007-0739(DA), the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service is proposing to authorize the use of Personal watercraft (PWC) at the Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area, in Kings and Queens Counties, New York. Under the proposed action, a special regulation would be promulgated to continue PWC use within the Jamaica Bay unit but only in the following navigational channels: North Channel (Island channel), Beach channel (south Channel), Grass Hassock Channel, Rockaway Inlet, and Broad Channel to the trestle bridge (the Raunt). PWC users would be prohibited from landing or launching within the unit. PWC owners living on the adjacent creeks, basins, and waterways would be allowed access through the unit; however, the must stay within the buoyed route (if one is present) or take the most direct route to access the designated navigational channels from Gerritsen Creek, Mill Basin, Paerdegat Basin, Shellbank Basin, Hawtree Creek, Breezy Point, and Roxbury. PWC use would be restricted from all waters along Breezy Point, and a 150-foot buffer would be implemented around all protected areas within Jamaica Bay (even if they occur within a channel).

Any interested parties and/or agencies desiring to express their views concerning the above proposed activity may do so by filing their comments, in writing, no later than 4:30 p.m., 15 days from the date of publication of this notice, or, October 4, 2007.

Comments should be addressed to the Division of Coastal Resources and Waterfront Revitalization, New York State Department of State, 41 State Street, Albany, New York 12231. Telephone (518) 474-6000; Fax (518) 473-2464. This notice is promulgated in accordance with Title 15, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 930.


bonnie said...

Perfect timing!

friendsofbrookpark said...

Did it!

Stevie said...

"Do you believe that Jamaica Bay will dissapear in 5 years?"

Did somebody make statement to that fact or did you mean that the marshland will dissapear?
What would cause the bay to dissapear? That would reuire removing a lot of land.

Mary said...

Right, I meant the marshes. Ironically it's in a DOI report issued in August 2007. The same agency proposing to allow jet skis into the Bay.