Jan 10, 2008

Misery Loves Company

Remember this boat?

It was first featured here in July, on the night we didn't want to go home (ahhh, summer!).

Well, it's still right there where the owner dumped it. Just looks a lot more miserable, now.

But look - awww - now it's got more company.

A very spoiled Spoiler.

Clearly this dumper wasn't as concerned about being identified as the dumper of the white one.

They didn't go to the trouble that the white boat's owner did to anonymize theirs. Maybe they just figured this is the boat dumping place. That's sure what it's starting to look like.

Or maybe being from the Patchogue Shores Marina, they just figured Brooklyn's as good a place as any to dump their hunk o' junk. Hey, it's Brooklyn, who's gonna notice one more piece of garbage?

Well, if it please the blogosphere, let the record show -

Yo. I noticed.

ps - lots more pictures from my absolutely spectacular excuse for not going to the pool session are posted at Frogma. Wonderful paddle, even if I DID have to stay right-side up (details on that in the comments over there). Come see!

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