Jan 6, 2008

Rolling Session

We had a nice pool session and a lunch. This was a test of a home made Tuiliq design and it was a good learning experience. Traditional Tuiliq cuffs don't work all that well and works well enough. I have experienced what is called Fisherman's death when your high bib fills with water. On the hand, Tuiliq filled air and acted as PFD. When your arms get filled with water and raise your arms. It is a time to combine these two to create a dry suit.

Rolling with it was an easy routine since it gave much needed room and flexibility plays well. There were lots of Greenland paddles; some with finger groove, some laminated and some carved. We missed Bonnie. Stop partying, B.

We made a number of videos. The best is Steve's re-entry. Nicely done.

Here is the gallery of pictures and the gallery of videos we captured.

Steve's Re-Entry. This shows what happens in the water. This is the best video of the lot. Keep that hand with paddle in the right place.

Steve's extra slow roll. not butter roll.

This video demonstrates how Steve uses his legs first and sets a stage for rolling. Then his body floats a bit away and he keeps his arms straight. He uses his torso to scull slowly to find a sweet spot. Then he uses a number of sweet spots; scull, body floatation and legs and just rolls onto the boat. Nicely done.


bonnie said...

Please see my post for my lame excuse for missing the pool!

Next week maybe!

Cripes. Speaking of good weather - Phil said we were getting the warm air that the California storms pushed out of California...wish I could take advantage of it!

Chalu Kim said...

That is OK. I will miss next one. Besides, you will make us look kind of lame. :0-)

Stevie said...

I'm surprised at how well the videos of you turned out, considering I was totally blind and was just pointing and shooting. Next time we should try some wacky underwater hi-jinx:-)


Stevie said...

And as Chula stated in an email "we need to shave our armpits next time":-)