Jan 27, 2008

Help bring kayaks to Greenland villages

"On Dec.1st we launch the Kayaks to Schools project, where we deliver kayaks to as many village schools as possible in remote areas of Greenland.

Our first aim is to support schools in Appilatoq (Cape Farewell) and Isertoq (East Coast), total about 50 children.

The hunting villages in Greenland are the poorest areas of the country. Poverty leads to cultural erosion and kayaking as a living part of our culture is coming to an end. This project brings traditional equipment and training to some of the worst off villages, in the hope that cultural appreciation fosters self esteem in the young. Help us give a little back to the people of the kayak!

Each school receives 4 youth sized and one adult size Learning Curve Kayak (pictured above), together with necessary gear and teacher training, to BCU standards. We of course supply all equipment at raw cost."

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