Jul 14, 2009

Ocean View beach, Durban..Joe Glickman TV

The world's favorite surfski writer was welcomed to Durban last night by a massive shorebreak at Ocean View beach, Durban, where he was due to take part in a downwind warm-up race before this weekend's Dunlop World Cup.

Glicker Launches into the Ocean Wave!

A gleeful Oscar Chalupsky, full of concern and empathy (NOT) for the beanpole New Yorker, called from the finish of the race to tell me of Joe Glickman's adventure at the start.

"Hey Rob, you'll be pleased to know I just had a real organic sand enema," said the hapless American. "And the really good thing is that I did it in front of everyone. And it's on video. I got a proper hide-whipping!"

Happily, Andrew King of D4 Productions was at the beach filming and he sent me some footage.

"Joe Glickman gets a real Durban shorebreak welcome as Oscar lends his support," King said, describing the video clip. "Michelle Eray makes it look easy whilst Clint Pretorius doesn't even get his hair wet."

Video clip courtesy of Andrew King of D4 Productions who was on the beach when NY based adventure writer Joe Glickman attempted to put to sea in his surfski.... watch the video to see what happened next!

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John Edward Harris said...

Great footage. When can we go?