Jul 17, 2009

Staying Healthy

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We are in the full swing of summer heat. With increase in temperature and heavy rains, there have been ongoing concerns of water quality of the bay.

It is especially of a concern when there is a heavy rain creating storm water runoffs. We have a large storm water storage upstream and need to be mindful of the discharge of large amount of stormwater.

Minimum, you should take a quick shower after an immersion. We keep anti-bacterial soap around and use if you need to. If you are sick and low in immune system, it might not be a good idea to get into the water.

Water beyond the bridge is "cleaner". There are sampling stations where public bathing is allowed and there have been beach closures. It is best to know and to prevent it.

If you have rash or itchyness, you should go and see a doctor who is familiar with water borne illnesses. It is not we have a special problem around the club, it is a problem increasingly so over the years with growing urban areas and storm water processing.

If you have an open cut, it is best to keep out. Sometimes, I use Crazy Glue over the cut to seal it.

Have a great summer and stay healthy.

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