Jun 25, 2007

Hudson River Greenland Fest

The Hudson River Greenland Fest was a success, with a pretty big turnout and great weather.

The location is great, with a nice sheltered bay for rolling classes, cabins, a tent area and big pavilion for acivites and a great sleeping area as well.

The first day was rolling and forward strokes class.

It turned into a good day for forward strokes lessons with strong wind and whitecaps. Many real world experiences for people not used to conditions, many capsizes, most recovering with a roll. Some wet exit and recue practice.

At night we had a BBQ party, silent auction and boat building talks.

The second day was rolling competition, rolling class and kayak relay race. Non-stop fun.

Brooklyn was in the house, enough to make a team for the relay race. Brooklyn came in 3rd.

Next year we'll do better and I suspect a bigger turnout form Brooklyn.

I'll post more later.


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