Jun 23, 2007

Now isn't this the first thing you picture when somebody says "Brooklyn"?

It's the weekend of the annual Sebago Sailing Committee sailing clinic & I'm really enjoying it!

Interesting conditions for teaching a bunch of utter newbies though. Shifty winds - this was taken 30 seconds later. Please note that the 2 sails are pointing in completely different directions!

No Lasers today, needless to say. None of us students were anywhere close to having a shot at handling one of those racing boats with the wind shifts & gusts today! Four Sunfish and a Phantom.

I thought I was just getting a sailing class today, but the Sebago Sailing Committee is a multifaceted bunch...we also got hiking lessons:

and swimming lessons:

But there was plenty of sailing, too. Fun stuff!

Cool milestone du jour...first time EVER sailing a boat without a more experienced sailor on board that boat. Very odd, I'm quite comfortable when I know that somebody else is going to be able to take charge if things go awry...well, there weren't too many ways things could have gone too far awry but still, it was quite bizarre being the only person in the boat! It wasn't too far, and it sure as heck wasn't perfect (there was time in irons and oh possibly a bit of a bump with another boat while rounding a buoy) but I'm looking forward to more practice time tomorrow.

And in closing - did you ever know lettuce could be so pretty? It was a good week for the garden, lots of rain and lots of sun. The lettuce is going crazy! I'll have to have another homegrown salad with dinner tomorrow.

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Shari said...

I am so bummed that I had to miss this for multiple other commitments. Now I have to wait a year for it to come around again, argh. You sure make it sound like a great day, Bonnie.