Jun 10, 2007

What does Pizza have to do with Kayaking?

How often did Sebago people stop on Ave. J and east 16th after a day of paddling, for a slice of the best pizza in NYC? Like a hand made kayak, a hand made pizza is a work of art, and we are about to lose it due to a string of bad luck and fortune that has come to Mr. DeMarco, pizza master...

On Monday,last week during another inspection, the pizzeria was cited for unsanitary conditions including flies, a mouse infestation and bare-hand contact with food, said Sara Markt, a health department spokeswoman. The operators also failed to meet some of the conditions they had agreed to in April, like proving that they had passed a food safety course.

Margaret DeMarco, Mr. DeMarco’s daughter, said that the family provided a certificate from a food safety course, but that the health department did not recognize it because it was a photocopy.


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