Jun 1, 2007

Full Moon over Jamaica...

Jamaica Bay, that is.

Nice paddle although a bit on the short side - I was shooting for the Elder's Point Marsh, launched a little while before sunset. It was pretty breezy (the dinghy sailors were all coming in just as I was going out, they looked pretty happy!), and I didn't make it all the way to Elder's Point because I started seeing some distant flickers in the clouds. Forecast had mentioned thunderstorms & since it's bad form to get electrocuted and/or drowned during the work week, I elected to pack it in & head back for the dock. Nice paddle though - never been out in the bay at such high water, the beaches were pretty much gone, the shorebirds all sounded like they were having some serious discussions about the scraps that were left. I set my course by the wind direction, went out against some pretty good-sized (for Jamaica Bay) chop - maybe a foot, and then had a fabulously surf-y trip back. Romanys do get happy in a following sea! Good fun.

Would've been even more fun with company. June's new moon is on a Saturday. The 30th to be specific. Hmmmm.


Shari said...

Ooh, Bonnie, sounds fun...but I'll be doing Star 1 and 2 that full moon! Thanks for posting--great virtual paddle.

Chalu said...

It looks a fleet of squid catching boats in Thailand.