Aug 17, 2007

Jet Ski Busters Needed

I decided to spend time to photograph jet skis and riders. Most of them come to and from the Mill Basin. Around 5 PM, there seem to be a peak. I plan to take my good camera to the Mill Basin bridge with the radio in Pelican container.

If you see them, note time and description of the ski and people. Send it to me. I have been reading about the 2 stroke engine used in them emitting more than 30 percent of fuel into the water and air. More

"The carbureted two-stroke engine, until very recently the standard powerplant of the PWC industry, together with outboard motors generates over a billion pounds of HC emissions each year. These high emissions are attributable to the two-stroke engine's emission of as much as 30% of its fuel charge -- part of which is oil -- into the water and air. The EPA claims that just 7 hours of use of these older carbureted marine engines releases as much pollutants as a modern car driven 100,000 miles."

I will send printouts to the Coast Guard. So, please become jet ski busters and join a move to drive them all out.

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