Aug 17, 2007

Atlantic/Long Beach Race in September

We are thinking about a race from the Padergaet Basin to Atlantic/Long Beach.... Only human-powered boats less than 22.5 feet.

The length of the boat requirement has been changed twice already; surf skis and outrigger. It is actually cool. Like that massive cross country skis races out there.

Add another 5 miles to Long Beach Proper if everyone is up to it. That means surf ski, outrigger, canoe, kayak as long as you can pull or push. It will be bunch of us having a race nothing like public affair. If you like to invite friends, that is fine. You need to arrange your own trip back.

Time frame is Mid September. The 11th and 26th of September are full moon. The 23rd is autumn equinox and is Sunday. We are looking at between the 10th and 19th.

We are looking at a very long day starting at the sunrise and ending on the Long Beach. The distance is more or less 19.45 miles over the air. We can extend it to the Long Beach proper. That is another 5 miles.

Here is the Google Earth keyhole.

You round off the Breezy point and go straight to the Long Beach.

Send me email if you are interested and I will keep you posted.

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