Aug 9, 2007

No damage around the club

I did not see any or damage. No tree uprooted nor branches. It was bad
in Bay Ridge, Kensington, parts of Ditmas. It must have tracked
across Brooklyn. All the wood chips by the gate are arranged like a Zen garden probably because there was a large pool of water. The garden looked fine and dandy.

The night before around Brooklyn College, I noticed fog thick enough that you can discern light and dark parts of the fog as if you are in a cloud. I checked the weather and it mentioned lightning and storm warnings throughout the day with a spell of the Sun midday. The fog was special as if it hung in the air and around the street light, you can see gradients of fog.

At 6:30 AM, I waited out lightning storm and torrential rain (It reminds
me of India and Thailand) and sat 50 minutes in Q train before aborting
to go to Staten Island to help John Santana sail to the Mystic
Harbor. At Church Ave, one of large trees toppled and stopped all traffic to Manhattan. Lightning was intense and numerous. It was like lightning storms out west when metal starts singing.

There were incredible amount and number of debris in the water and Pete was mortified after getting from open paddle. He was describing a dead rat sizing a foot.

I just did not feel going out yesterday and enjoyed the brilliant sunset
instead. The sky was so clean and hardly any wind higher up although
there was a good steady breeze on the ground.

I hope everyone fared well.????

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