Aug 8, 2007

Water for Thoughts

This is an editorial piece on the water quality of the basin and the bay in general.

We have experienced the water quality issues around us. Here is a recent news article about a Chicogo beach, Jackson Park Beach.

"Here and across the country, water tests on a fraction of the nation's ocean, bay and Great Lakes beaches led to a 28 percent jump in beach closings and warnings nationwide, the study showed. In Illinois, the state counted 591 beach closing days or swimming advisory days during 2006, up from a year earlier when there were 584."

It sounds like we are the same boat with "the planning of sewage and storm water treatment." We also had many weather pattern changes.

"Aging and poorly designed sewage and storm water systems hold much of the blame for beach water pollution," the group said in a statement. "The problem was compounded by record rainfall, which added to the strain on already overloaded infrastructure."

The report they are refering to is prepared by the Natural Resources Defense Council.
For the full report, click here. Specifics of New York state are found in this PDF document.

"In 2006, the Tier 1 beaches with the highest percent exceedances were Point Gratiot Beach in Chautauqua County (47%), Boys And Girls Harbor in Suffolk County (40%), Tides Property Owners Association in Suffolk County (40%), Main Street Beach (35%) and Wright Park East in Chautauqua County (35%), Ontario Beach in Monroe County (31%), Wright Park West in Chautauqua County (29%), Pultneyville Mariners Beach in Wayne County (29%), and Valley Grove Beach in Suffolk County (28%). "

So, it seems we are doing better than others. This is a general trend across the country. Related articles are found in LA Times, Fox News, Chicago Tribune, Reuter, Washington Post, and some 123 sources. These articles are related to the report by the Cultural Resources Defense Council.

Surfers against Sewage is a UK based outreach group with awareness and education programs.

There is also a local group, ALSNYC.

"You can also contact, the American Littoral Society in Broad Channel headed by Don Riepe. These people are the true stewards of our bay and I suggest we can team up with them. We can and should go as individuals who happen to kayak in these waters to the meetings that are already organized by the Jamaica Bay people. They often have the elected officials coming also." by Yvonne

"The Neighborhood Open Space Coalition has a full roster of advocacy groups and list serves that focus attention on these issues. See the side bars at I didn't find the Jamaica Bay list serve there yet, but this seems like a good reference to list. " by John Wright, the Commodore.

In general, there are many blames to go around as well as "who knew". More people know about it, the better it is. More people come out to the club and enjoy the bay, the better they understand what we will all be missing.

Given we experienced changes and rise of "dirty water", we are in the same boat.

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