Aug 10, 2007

NPR radio's Brian Leher Show

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Runoff Worries

Wednesday’s heavy rainfall calls attention to NYC’s sewer system and the problem of stormwater runoff. Jarrett Murphy, investigations editor at City Limits, and Basil Seggos, chief investigator at Riverkeeper, discuss the issue and the options the city is exploring.

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Posted by: Philippe Castagner August 10, 2007 - 10:21AM

No doubt we will be hearing about how rain can overwhelm the system. I paddle and often fush on Jamaica Bay in a kayak several times a week, and sometimes I fish all night. I have personally observed Paerdegat Basin change from relatively normal looking to a cloudy blue-green-white, oily, stinky, sinister looking consistency overnight this spring. This happened on a day with no rain, and it happened sometime after I launched and before dawn, when I returned. These conditions have often been accompanied by floating fecal matter, used feminine hygiene products, latex condoms, and the like.

The issue is not just overflow from rain. It is a habitual use of public waterways as a toilet.

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