Aug 30, 2007

Water Quality Monitoring -

Without going into detail, quick question for club members. One of the guys at New York Outrigger works for an environmental engineering firm that is developing a water quality testing program involving a network of volunteers. NYO is being something of a beta tester/aquatic guinea pig for the program but once they've smoothed out the process they'll probably be looking to broaden their base of monitors. Focus of the project would be monitoring the level of floatables.

I'll bring this up more formally once I had more details on the project (probably sometime after Labor Day) but in general, does this sound like something in which people might be interested in participating? I assume the testing/monitoring is something that wouldn't fall too heavily on any one individual, for a volunteer-based thing like this to work, the duties can't be too onerous.


Chalu said...

Yes, that would be cool. I am all for measurements and science.

pcastagner said...

We can only have a real discussion if we have facts before us. Let's do it!